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Mike Rhodes


  1. Started with Contractors Supply Inc. in 2006
  2. Email Mike at
  3. Call Mike today at 1-307-682-5153
  4. Fax Mike today at 1-307-682-0356
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time to learn a bit about me!

What is your favorite food?   Spaghetti

What are your hobbies?   Fly fishing, Concrete art

Favorite movie or book?   Hunt for Red October

What was your first job?   Box boy at Boyds Grocery

What is your favorite musical artist or group?   Earth, Wind and Fire

What did you want to be growing up?   Game Warden

What superpower would you like to have?   The ability to grow an extra arm from my body.

If you could interview one person, who would it be?   Ronald Reagan

If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do with that day?   To do absolutely nothing that everyone wants me to do for 1 day without guilt